Engage Your Employees & Job Applicants

Delight Your Employees and Job Applicants

No system to learn. No mobile app to download.
Scalable at low and effective cost.

Intuitive to all age ranges who have smart phones.
Publish the chat gateway to storefronts, job ad postings, billboards, livestream, campuses...or anywhere else.
Engage stakeholders in a digital way with higher response rates, any time 7 x 24 hours, any locations.
Build a CRM for candidates / Job applicants / HR vendors / Clients / Line Managers.

3 steps to chat & interact with potential & existing employees via HRchat

Step 1:
Register your channels

It is not rocket science which does not require IT knowledge to connect different channels such as SMS, Whatsapp , Facebook Messengers and Webchat from your careersite or social media platforms.

We are here to offer premium support and bring you through the process! Now, you can receive , reply, broadcast and manage all the messages from different channels in HRchat.

Step 2:
Offer chat access via

Audience can now reach you by QR code and shared URL link. You can use them on storefronts, college campuses, billboards or anywhere else.

Congratulations! From now on, your HR team will become employee-driven which is the 1st step of improving the employer branding.

Simplified communications ease your workload, engage the best-fit talents, lower cost-to-hire, shorten time-to-hire, build trust and confidence with employer, eliminate doubts and many many...

Step 3:
Interact with employees, candidates or vendors!

Scalable and effective low-cost chats. There are lots more use cases to engage your staff or vendors! Just to name a few...

  1. Broadcast the company news to hundreds of your colleagues across different teams
  2. Trigger an automated survey to your candidates for pre-screening
  3. Schedule and remind an interview appointment by synced calendar
  4. Update, report and communicate on emergency situation

  5. Speed up employee roster and shift planning
  6. Simplify employee onboard process

and many other flows that we constantly recommend to you...



Reach the right people by scheduled and customized messages for reminders and announcements.

Use cases:

Broadcast scheduled messages to update the latest work arrangement and training material to your employee and segmented audience.

Send interview schedule with different Date/Time/Location to all potential interviewees in one message, especially useful for massive hiring / MT program.

Re-engage your talent network from multi channels by updating exciting career opportunity to refresh with their status.


A popular tool to collect information you need with few clicks.

Survey can save time for your HR operations. The collected data will be shown in an organized dashboard with custom view.

Use cases:

Replace a 15 mins phone call (+ back and forth call back) by an automated message box. Watch the demo video👉🏼

Disseminate a wellness survey or poll to employees and to map out engagement and satisfaction.

Welcome new joiners by guided on-board process.

Save roster planning time of line managers by a regular shift preference survey

Task Automation

Just dropdown & select. You don't have to code.

Use cases:

Allocate tasks to HR team members and line managers based on situations.

Send a reminder to job applicants to submit supplementary document by organized tags.

Trigger a COVID-19 or emergency report flow when an employee initiates to do so.

Scheduled follow-up on new joiners or flagged cases.

...and many possible automations to customize your needs.


Why are you the best? This is your chance to brag!

Forget Learning Curve - Users Adapt Immediately

Highly mobile friendly and can be easily picked up by all age ranges who use smart phone. They can adapt by preferred chat app to interact, e.g. Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook. You do not have to spend time to educate the employees or job applicants.

Simple, Scalable at Low & Effective Costs

Ease your workload in contacting job applicants or employees one by one, and back and forth replies. The automated chats can run in a batch with a few clicks settings. The costs can be as low as a job ad posting. View more in Plan & Pricing.

Boost Productivity & Employer Branding

You work less and applicants / employees wait less, more relationship-building. Employees save time in looking for information and filling in forms. Instant messaging converts clicks on job ad into conversation. You can widen your talent base and deliver on-demand service to employees. A better relationship improves employee loyalty and employer branding.

Proven Higher Response Rate & Conversion

Instant chat is on every mobile device now and your potential hire is

just a message away.

Recruiting supported by text message generates response rates

40%+ with most candidates reply taking <30 minutes.

Simplified communications with segmented groups. You can deliver the right message instantly to the targeted audience and handover the communications to line managers at right time.